Can I book an activity in Mount Cook?

Yes, you can book through our booking platform on the second page. We will arrange your transportation before and after the activity.

Can you stop by Pukaki Lake on the way to Mount Cook?

Yes! We will make stops at 2-3 photo locations by Lake Pukaki.

What is the minimum number of passengers required?

It depends on the total number of passengers for both one-way transfer and day trip, but generally 3-4 people.

Will the guide accompany us on the Hooker Valley track?

We are unable to offer guided walks within the Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park due to permit restrictions for guiding concessions.

Can I book a day trip for different dates?

No, you can not select different dates for a round trip.

Is it necessary to follow the day trip schedule during my stay in Mt. Cook?

No, it is not mandatory to go to Hooker Valley track and Tasman Glacier walk. We can drop you to your destination.

Can you transport a bicycle?

Currently, we are unable to carry bicycles.

Can we book a day trip instead of me booking both one-way transfers from Tekapo and Mt Cook?

Sure! That is the most cost-effective option for the guests who need return transportation.